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I am a passionate Indian social activist dedicated to catalyzing positive global transformations. My journey, shaped by diverse roles as an author, entrepreneur, and solid waste management expert, began in Bhubaneswar. I am a graduate of Utkal University and Ravenshaw College, having attended Sainik School. I hold degrees in Law and Philosophy. In 1997, a rural management diploma in the Netherlands broadened my horizons. Deeply connected to Bhubaneswar, I embarked on a mission to effect lasting global change. My diverse experiences and educational background empower me to navigate social complexities with empathy, innovation, and a pursuit of excellence, ushering in a brighter, compassionate future for all.

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Here are some of the initiatives we've undertaken for the welfare of the people.

Four decades dedicated to impactful social change.

My journey in public service began during my student years, where I rallied university students for social causes. In the early 1980s, my heart led me to the slums, standing with the community in social movements. The first spark of my mission ignited when I started working with leprosy patients, striving for their rehabilitation in exclusive colonies. This passion led to the "40 Million Population Campaign" across Odisha, earning me the title of the "Leprosy Worker."

My commitment didn't go unnoticed, and the government invited me to lead the state-level leprosy program due to my impactful work. In 1984, I spent a few months aiding refugees from East Pakistan, marking the beginning of my charitable endeavours. Partnering with Mother Teresa sisters and the Catholic Church, I dedicated two years to charitable service.

In 1986, I co-founded Vikash, a non-profit organization, and served as its Founder Secretary. I'm a developmental worker at heart, aiming to make a positive impact on society. As an active civil society organizer, I spearheaded the formation of a citizens' group advocating for good governance, a corruption-free society, and addressing human rights violations.

Media became a platform for me to raise awareness about development and the future of human civilization. Through articles and advice to publications, I aimed to inform and inspire. Over my 40 years in social work, I've touched the lives of 15,842 individuals affected by leprosy, 30,194 persons with disabilities, 500 people in begging, 4,723 urban homeless, and 1,789 senior citizens in Odisha.

My journey includes creating and demonstrating models like community-based rehabilitation for persons with disabilities, those with mental illness, and solid waste management. Through these efforts, I've influenced government policies and programs for the welfare of citizens. It's been an emotional and fulfilling journey, driven by a simple purpose: making a positive difference in people's lives.

Evolution of Social Influence

In a journey spanning 40 years, my dedication to social causes has touched diverse realms, from aiding leprosy patients to founding non-profit organizations. As an advocate for good governance, I've influenced policies and impacted lives, driven by a relentless passion for positive societal change.

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Our team is very efficient, and we work for the welfare of the people.