Leprosy, caused by Mycobacterium leprae, is a chronic infectious disease affecting the skin and nerves. Although curable with multidrug therapy, it historically carried social stigma. Current efforts focus on early detection, treatment, and destigmatizing the condition for better social integration.


Disability is a condition limiting physical, cognitive, or sensory abilities. Society strives for inclusivity and equal opportunities, working to eliminate barriers and promote accessibility for individuals with diverse disabilities.


"Tribal" refers to a social grouping with shared ancestry, culture, and often a common territory. Indigenous communities often identify as tribes, maintaining distinct traditions and relationships with the land. The term can have diverse meanings depending on cultural, historical, or legal contexts, recognizing unique identities and promoting autonomy within larger societies.

Philanthropic(Waste management)

Waste management encompasses the collection, recycling, and disposal of waste to minimize environmental impact. It involves source reduction and encourages public participation for a sustainable and cleaner environment.

Citizens Movement (Meeting)

Meetings are scheduled gatherings where individuals discuss, collaborate, and make decisions on specific topics. Effective meetings have clear agendas, encourage participation, and work toward achieving common goals, fostering communication and collaboration among participants.

Citizens Movement (Rallies)

Rallies are organized gatherings where people express support or opposition for a cause. Participants unite in a public space, often carrying signs and symbols, to raise awareness and mobilize collective action for social, political, or environmental issues


Dairy refers to products derived from milk, such as milk itself, cheese, butter, and yogurt. These products are significant sources of essential nutrients like calcium and protein and play a vital role in various cuisines and diets worldwide.


Pisciculture, also known as fish farming or aquaculture, is the controlled cultivation of fish for various purposes. It involves breeding, rearing, and harvesting fish in controlled environments, contributing to sustainable fish production and conservation efforts.

Agriculture(organic farming)

Organic farming is an agricultural approach that prioritizes sustainability and environmental conservation. It avoids synthetic chemicals, emphasizing natural methods like crop rotation and composting. This practice aims to produce food in an ecologically responsible manner, often resulting in products labeled as "organic" in the market.

People's Movement(Slum Movement)

A slum movement involves organized efforts to improve living conditions and rights in slum areas. Activists collaborate with residents to address issues like poverty, inadequate housing, and lack of amenities, striving for better infrastructure and social integration in marginalized urban spaces.

Innovations(Sieving Machine)

A sieving machine is an industrial device designed for separating particles based on size. It typically uses a vibrating or shaking motion to pass materials through a mesh or perforated surface, separating smaller particles that pass through and larger ones that are retained. Sieving machines are commonly used in various industries for efficient particle classification and separation processes.

People's Movement(Flood Movement)

A flood movement is not a widely recognized term. However, it could potentially refer to organized efforts and initiatives aimed at addressing issues related to floods. Such movements may focus on flood prevention, preparedness, and response, advocating for improved infrastructure, early warning systems, and community resilience to mitigate the impact of flooding.

People's Movement(Electricity)

Electricity is a versatile form of energy derived from charged particles. It powers homes, industries, and technology, generated through methods like fossil fuels and renewables, and distributed via electrical grids

Enterprises(Yubi Food)

Healthy food includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. A balanced diet with essential nutrients contributes to overall well-being, supporting optimal health and energy levels.


Manufacturing is the conversion of raw materials into finished goods through design, fabrication, assembly, and quality assurance. Advanced technologies and supply chain efficiency enhance productivity and innovation in modern manufacturing.